Silver Oak Health helps corporate customers implement special programs for women employees as well as inclusion programs to cater to the emotional needs of differently abled and LGBT employees. We also offer programs for tobacco and substance abuse cessation using scalable and scientifically proven methods.

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We help women employees achieve their full potential through programs that include workshops and coach assisted programs. Our goal is to:

  • Build self-awareness to understand yourself better

  • Build confidence to speak your views

  • Creative thinking to generate new ideas for your company

  • Lead by inspiration and bring out the best in others

  • Offer compassion towards yourself and others to build a cohesive team



Silver Oak Health’s Maternity support program is a long-term program designed to help both first time mothers and existing mothers. The objective of this program is to:

  • To help the expectant mothers understand the psychological aspect of pregnancy

  • To help gain a better understanding of stress that arises as a result of psychological and social change that one may experience during pregnancy

  • To help build coping mechanisms to manage the pregnancy and parenting stress

  • To help with returning to work after child birth.

The program offers support via a dedicated coach who will be periodically speaking to the expectant mother during the various stages of the pregnancy including prenatal and postnatal.

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LGBT individuals face unique stressors related to their sexual orientation, which may impact their emotional worlds. Heterosexual clients have several social and systemic supports outside of the counselling space that provide for their multiple needs relating to information, livelihood, shelter, relating, familial needs etc. There exist very few resources for LGBT employees in our society. Silver Oak Health offers counselling for LGBT employees when they require emotional support. Our counsellors are equipped with the necessary resources to provide assist LGBT employees.



Many people attempt to stop smoking and discontinue substance abuse but often fail because of the addictive nature of nicotine and other drugs. Assisted programs have the best chance of helping people quit the habit, and among such programs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is known to be one of the most effective because it helps change and restructure thought process. A combination of workshops and an assisted online CBT program are found to be effective for those employees that are undergoing tobacco and substance abuse cessation.