Global is a composite broker licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and is headquartered in Mumbai. Global combines international expertise and local knowledge to deliver constructive, proficient, cutting edge risk management and insurance/ reinsurance solutions to its clients. Global has over 450+ qualified professionals based in eleven cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Noida, Pune, Kolkata, Dibrugarh, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Hyderabad and Gurugram with extension office in Jamshedpur. A leader in insurance practices including aviation, sports, leisure, entertainment, counterterrorism, liability and employee benefits, Global has over 2000 clients across India.

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 is an Indian digital weight loss platform that provides fitness services. Developed for both Android and iOS platforms, the application provides calorie tracking, water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness coaching. In addition to these, the app takes the gamified approach to keep users motivated.

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Express Clinics has one of the biggest networks of primary care clinics across India. With 18 company-owned clinics and plans of adding more, Express Clinics has a direct presence in four cities (Pune, Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru) and is operational in over 25 states and 400+ cities through their extended partner network. The company works with over 200 doctors including general practitioners, paediatricians, gynaecologists, radiologists, cardiologists, opticians and dieticians.

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GetActive is one of the earliest companies in India to enter the space of wearable healthcare tech devices. The company’s key goal is to establish a healthy work life balance for people through a tech-enabled health program that recommends and remotely monitors physical activities. Their product also connects with other wellness devices and apps to collect all relevant data, and based on this, provides timely interventions from nutritionists, doctors, fitness trainers and other such experts. Get Active has successfully gamified the space of wellness through reward programs and competitions in social networks, thus boosting engagement as well as motivation levels amongst its users.

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Potential Health Development was established in response to a highly complex need: an integrated approach to better living and health discovery. At PHD, we believe that our combination of lifestyle programmes, along with fitness and nutrition consulting forms the foundation of complete wellness and preventative healthcare. Our main goal is to employ cutting-edge technology and in-depth research to help attain positive results. Potential Health Development has developed a national and international ecosystem approach to cover various facets of health.

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