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Silver Oak Health is a digital, psychological wellness and mindfulness-based organisation that facilitates guided and unguided interventions to help solve the growing stress-related challenges faced by corporate employees.

The company has launched India’s first online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program and a Mindfulness App to help employees cope with stress including depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Silver Oak Health rolls out structured Employee Wellbeing and Assisted Programs where users can choose self-help modules according to their needs and can track the progress over the course of time.

Established in 2015, Silver Oak Health uses cognitive science to solve mental health, behavioral, learning and neuropsychological problems. The organisation hopes to touch the lives of millions of people in India and across the world, and help them move towards their full cognitive potential and a high quality of life.

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The company is based in Bangalore and uses intellectual property from renowned clinical psychologists and research institutions around the world to develop digital products in India, and provides affordable solutions to customers worldwide.

Some of the corporates that are currently using Silver Oak’s various EWAP services include First Source, Hinduja Global, All State, IMS Health, and International Paper.