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Silver Oak Health is a highly innovative company that provides employee counselling and wellbeing programs to help solve the growing stress-related challenges faced by corporate employees.

The company offers India’s most comprehensive Employee Wellbeing and Assistance Program (EWAP) and is changing the way how EAP is administered in India with its PAN India presence.

The company has launched India’s first online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program and a Mindfulness App called Tranquil to help employees cope with stress and its reaction that includes depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. With increasing EAP utilization among employees, Silver Oak Health is providing better value for employers.

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Silver Oak Health offers unique onsite programs for Diversity and Inclusion, Tobacco and substance abuse cessation. The company also offers a range of programs to help young employees that are working in process jobs. Silver Oak Health’s expert team will help such employees learn to cope with stress that arises from repetitive activities, encourage them to pick up focal activities as a means to find flow and satisfaction in life. 

Some of the corporates that are currently using Silver Oak’s various EWAP services include First Source, Hinduja Global, All State, IMS Health, and International Paper.