What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being completely aware of oneself and being present in the moment. It is a practical coping strategy that helps us to remain calm under stress. You can learn and practice to become Mindfulness in all aspects of your life – while we walk, when we eat, while we are sitting at our office desks, while dealing with colleagues at work, when talking to loved ones or even during something as mundane as washing dishes.


Tranquil Mindfulness App 

A great way to practice mindfulness is by listening to guided mindfulness practices and learning to be aware of oneself, and to crowd out thoughts in the future and from the past. Silver Oak Health has designed and developed India’s first Mindfulness App with Indian voice to help people in India practice mindfulness. The App is available for Android and iPhone users, and it is a convenient and practical way to practice Mindfulness. Tranquil App allows you to listen to guided and unguided practices, join 7 day, 10 day and 21 day tracks, set reminders, write reflections and monitor progress.

You will be provided with exclusive codes for unlocking the PREMIUM version of the Tranquil Mindfulness App and get access to all the Guided Tracks. These tracks have been designed and recorded by Silver Oak Health team to help people learn to become calm under stress, overcome sleep challenges and deal with difficult relationships.


Mindfulness Coach (1 hour call)

In order to live a mindful life, we offer the services of a personal coach by phone. Our coaches are experts in Mindfulness and will give you one-on-one coaching on how to lead a mindful life. The coach will also help you understand the benefits of mindfulness, and how to be make best use of the Tranquil App by suggesting appropriate mindful practice for relaxation, reducing anxiety and improving sleep, as well as how to deal with difficult people in your lives. This is a lifetime skill and will equip you with a practical and effective strategy to navigate through complex relationships, work stress, traffic and financial stress challenges.